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Cinda Jackson continues the tradition started over 30 years ago with Daytime Intensive acting classes for adults. 4 days a week with scene study, sensory and improvisation. This is acting by doing, where you’ll develop the discipline and long term dramatic foundation that will set you on the road towards greatness.
Tues-Fri 10:30A—2:30P


The Lost Studio offers a night time class for advanced actors, one night per week.This class is for working actors, 1 night per week. Each 8 week session is an immersion within the works of one playwright. Students share research, notes and ideas as the class explores the the body of a writer's work.
Past playwrights have included: Tennessee Williams, Harold Pinter, John Guare, Ibsen, Strinberg, John Steppling, and Sam Shepard.

Tues. Evenings 7:30P


Two week intensive with the Bard. All levels are invited to one of the most challenging Shakespeare courses around. Voice, Movement, poetry and prose. And there’s an invited performance to show what you’ve learned.
Mid August 2003
Mon-Fri 9A-5P




“This is acting by doing. Where you’ll develop the discipline and long-term dramatic foundation that will set you on the road towards greatness.”



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